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Jan 25

Common House Spider Control – Eradicate Them

House spiders are known to be beneficial arachnids for the simple reason that they seem to keep the insect population within a household under check. However, you hardly need spiders to keep your home free of pests, do you? They are pests themselves. House spider control is something most people do at the very least once in their lifetime. In most cases, people settle for getting the spiders out of their home. They don’t find it necessary to kill the creatures because in all honesty, common house spiders are not harmless. They are just frustrating.

How to get rid of spiders in the house starts with keeping your home clean. If you want to control the number od spiders visiting you on a regular basis, you will need to practice good sanitation at all times, something you should be doing anyway for the welfare of your family and kids. If there seems to be an infestation, you will need to vacuum your home more often than you do normally. You will particular need to vacuum those areas that encourage webs and that kind of thing.

House spiders need food to survive so if you want them to stop coming around, you need to make sure you eliminate all the possible food sources in your home. These include flies, cockroaches and moths so basically house spider control is very much a general pest control process. You might also want to stop the spiders from actually getting in your home. This includes repairing any seal cracks you might spot.

Because spiders like to keep a low profile, they are most often numerous in the darker areas of a property. As such, if you want to carry out some serious house spider control, you will need to dispose of any wood pile or trash you entertain on your property in general. Here you need to make sure that before you get all physical with your home, you need to wear some protective clothing especially if the wood piles and that kind of thing have been around untouched for a prolonged period of time.

It can also be beneficial to hose the outside of your home on a regular basis. This helps to essentially destroy any spider webs you might have there, latent or otherwise. Where your eyes can’t reach, water can. That’s pretty much the general objective.

Last but not least, it is generally acknowledged that yellow light bulbs deter the advent of insects in your home and no insects usually means no spiders, so if you are after a rather indirect house spider control, here is your recipe.